Alex Fabiano C. Campos is bachelor’s in Chemistry (1997) and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (2005) by the University of Brasília (Brazil). He was a postdoctoral researcher at UPMC - Sorbonne Université, Paris (France) from 2006 to 2007 in the nanomaterial area. Currently, he is Associate Professor at the University of Brasília, where he also served as coordinator of the Graduate Program in Materials Science from 2014-2018.  He has been active in magnetic colloids and nanoparticles for over 18 years and his current research concerns magnetic colloids, magnetic nanoadsorbents for water pollution remediation and ferrite-based nanocatalysts for green fuel combustion.


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Complex Fluids Group - GFC/UnB


Laboratory for Environmental and Applied Nanoscience - LNAA/FUP



Professor Alex Fabiano C. Campos

Faculdade UnB - Planaltina
Área Universitária n° 1, Vila N. S. de Fátima
Planaltina – DF
+55 61 3107- 8034
Twitter: @Chempos

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